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厳島神社観月能 Itsukushima Shrine‐5 Noh Play on the Moonlit Outdoor Stage




The program for the performance by Yasuyo Tomoeda designated as a living national treasure was “Tsunemasa ”. Tsunemasa is one of the nephews of Tairano Kiyomori, a powerful military leader of the 12 th century, who reconstructed Itsukushima Shrine as it is today that was founded in the 6th century.

Tsunemasa died in a fierce war at “Ichinotani ”. On the day of his memorial service, they put a famed Biwa instrument “Seizan” at the ritual site. Tsunemasa was very good at playing it and had loved the instrument so much as he could not resist coming back as a ghost that night. So he did.

The Noh stage is 558 years old constructed above the sea water. While performance the tide gradually came rising, and only the lights reflected on the waves lit the stage in an illusionary fashion. The atmosphere and the story matched so well that we felt as if we were watching real Tsunemasa.
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