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73. ブルネイ バンダル・スリ・ブガワン Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei



スルタンの宮殿/Sultan's palace


スルタンの船着場/Sultan's jetty



ボートレースに向けて/Exercising for a boat race






Bandar Sri Begawan is the capital of Negara Brunei Darussalam, about one hour bus-ride from Muara Port at the most east point of the country. There is the Burnei River flowing right across the main street in front of the Yayasan Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Foundation Complex=Yayasan SHHB Complex, the largest shopping moll in the country.

There is a boat landing station there. and we saw a neat water village called Kampong Ayer we happened to visit later. They lead a very civilized and some rich life on the water. The blue water-main runs to the corner of the village. There are 12 educational institutions for the population of 20,000 living on the water. Of course there are mosques.There are numbered boat taxi stations here and there used as the base of transportation of daily activities. Medical care and education are totally free in this country, and there is no income and residents' tax. (I cannot help getting very envious) The revenue mainly comes from oil and natural gas production. Distribution of wealth is well functioning here, I felt.

Deep in the forest of Borneo, there lives proboscis monkey, Borneo monkey, having a long bulbous nose. We with two other cruise acquaintance couples chartered a boat to take us to where the monkeys live.

We went up stream of the Burnei River from the landing place.

On the way we saw Sultan Hassanal B0lkia's official residential Palace and his crown-shaped beautiful jetty from the boat, and came across some boats exercising for the boat race of the coming week, telling us young and handsome Sultan himself would participate in it.

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