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88. 北上家路航海 Northward Home

上: 西表島 Iriomote Island



クルー・ショー Crew Show


二人のキャビンスチュワーデス Two sweet cabin stewardesses of ours



During the final cruising section northward from Keelung to Kobe and Yokohama, dolphins spread their show on the ocean, several islands appeared and went out of the view, and our crew gave a big farewell crew show. Our cabin stewardess and the ex-stewardess of the 2012-around-the-world happened to dance side by side. Their fresh beauty impressed me very much. We only see them working hard in uniform. They were shining on the stage in color.

Soon the time to leave the ship will come. A cruise is like one stage. The curtain opens at the moment you get on board, and it closes when you step out of the ship at the final port. Each individual can create whatever act (life) you lead between the two curtain movements. My stage this time was really filled with good memories of nice people, wonderful lands, laughter, good food, and a lot of free time to myself.

People around me often ask why I like a cruise. It is difficult to answer in a word or two. I have plural reasons. But I find me simply answering that I like it for two pleasures; one---it enables me to leave everything of my daily life behind, and the other---to return to my daily life once it is over.

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