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ミセバヤ Siebold's stonecrop


日本固有の植物で、野生種は極限られた県(群馬、岐阜、奈良など)に分布するのみで、目に触れるのは園芸種が大方らしい。別名「玉の緒」--- 魂をつなぎとめる紐



"Siebold's stonecrop" , "Misebaya" in Japanese, is indigenous to Japan. My pot of it came from my parent's garden. My late father shoveled out a part of the big crowd and gave it tome. Funny that I clearly remember his hands and the back of his neck when he was digging out the plant for me.

Now is the annual time again for it to draw my attention to its flowers. "Misebaya" means "Would like to show me to you"

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