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白い彼岸花 White Spider Lily





White spider lilies have been in full bloom in my garden. My third sister sent the bulbs saying increased bulbs almost occupied her garden. This is the second bloom here in my garden.

The plant is named "Higan bana" in Japan, meaning "the flowers of the other shore". Higan is a Buddhist holiday celebrated in Japan during both the Spring and Autumnal Equinox. It is a day to visit the family graveyard with flowers and offerings. Both red and rather rare white spider lilies seem to know the Autumnal Equinox day. Their blooming timing is always right. When we see them, we think of the close people who passed away and whether they waded across the River of Three Crossings to the other shore and into the peaceful afterlife of enlightenment. I feel that the white spider lilies say, "Yes. Sure they did."
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アラスカの買物 「ウル」セット Ulu Chopping Bowl Set of Alaska






I bought a traditional cooking tool of the Alaskan natives, Ulu & chopping board sets at the shop of the port in Juneau, Alaska for my friends in Japan and one for me.

I found it very useful for chopping garlic and onions into a favorite size without touching the material. I use it to mince meat as well. When you buy "Ulu", I recommend you to buy a set of a Ulu and a chopping bowl. Without a chopping bowl, the tool cannot show its effect to the full, and may be another untouched tool in the kitchen drawer.
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「おしん」の生みの親 Real Mother of "Oshin"


橋田 壽賀子さんも横浜からずっと私たちと同じ階に乗船しておられてエレベーターでよくご一緒することもあった。しかし今回は船側に講演など依頼されての乗船ではなく、全くプライベートなご旅行のようなのでご挨拶くらいで余り立ち入らないようご遠慮していた。




There are so many pleasures in a long-cruise life. Among them is a gift of encountering with people of all walks of life. A major age group of the passengers of a long cruise is 50 or older. Most of them are rich in a variety of experience.

When we were at College Fjord watching Harvard Glacier, I have a good opportunity to talk with Ms Sugako Hashida, a well-know playwright. She is the mother of "Oshin", the drama that recorded the highest audience ratings in the history of TV dramas in Japan. "Oshin" is very popular in Asian countries, too. Anyway, Ms Hashida was on a private cruise on the same floor with us.

A gentleman who was the most senior of the Cruise happened to be close-by . He was 93. We started talking. I was impressed with their curiosity and flexibility in thinking. They reminded me of Samuel Ulman's poem "Youth". I took a photo of them standing with grand Harvard Glacier in the background. I sometimes see the photo. It is overwhelming to see that the grandeur of the Glacier and their dignity matching so well.

I must add that Ms Hashida was on the same boat at Ressurection Bay when I took the photos of the humpback whale in the previous post. She was so happy as a little girl when I gave her a print of the whale's breaching.
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庭の贈り物 My Garden Index-I (2008-2013) 




庭の蝶 Butterfly of My Garden

白い彼岸花 White Spider Lily


夏の雪/Summer Snow

薔薇の詩人/Poet of Roses

2011年春の庭の記録/memorandum of 2011 spring garden-3

2011年春の庭の記録/memorandum of 2011 spring garden-2

2011年春の庭の記録/memorandum of 2011 spring garden-1


庭の訪問者/A visitor in my garden

7月の庭小景 Photo Sketches of My July Garden

紫陽花の季節 The Season Of Hydrangea

小さな住人たち Tiny Residents of My Garden

庭の長いお客様! An Unexpected Long Guest In My Garden!

庭の住人 カエル An unexpected resident in my garden, a frog

薔薇 オマージュ ア バルバラ Hommage a' Barbara

春の庭にようこそ! Welcome to my garden!

花 Blossoms & Flowers

雪華の朝 Morning of Snow Blossoms


自然の営み The Wonders Of Nature

秋の庭 Autumn Gift From My Garden '09

金木犀酒オンザロック Fragrant Olive On The Rocks

風雨の後 My garden after wind and rain 


桜 cherry blossoms

ゼラニュウム geranium

ギボウシ hosta

十字形の花 ドクダミ dokudami

2008年の紫陽花蕾 hydrangea

2008年の紫陽花たち hydrangea

贅沢 extravaganza

ホタルブクロ bellflower or campanula

夏椿 summer camellia (japanese stewartia)

石蕗 japanese silverleaf

薔薇たち roses

薔薇 rose

山百合と薔薇 Lilies & Roses

ギボウシの花 hosta in bloom

山百合 golden-banded lily

山百合花後 The rest of the story of golden-banded lilies

藪蘭 liriope

彼岸花 cluster amaryllis

石蕗の花 flowers of japanese silverleaf

初霜まで up until the first frost

今朝の庭 my garden this morning

落葉 fallen leaves

小さな野菜畑 vegetable garden

最後の落葉 The beech tree's shedding

冬の落日/Today's sunset of 15-12-08
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一路南下横浜へ Southward to Yokohama

6月29日(金)‐7月7日(土) 航海
Fri. June 29‐Sat. July 7 At Sea


6月28日19:00スワード出港後、アラスカ半島とコディアック島Kodiak Islandの間のシェリコフ海峡Shelikof Straitを通過。
After sailing away from Seward, we passed Shelikof Strait lying between Alaska Peninsula and Kodiak Island.

30日にはユニマック海峡Unimak Passを北に抜けベーリング海Bering Seaに入る。
June 30 Passed through Unimak Pass from the south into Bering Sea.

7月1日 日付変更線通過のためこの日は消滅
Our July 1 was eternally lost due to passing the International Date Line.

7月3日 アリューシャン列島沿いにアッツ島通過後南下
July 3 brought us straight downward after passing Attu Island at the west end of the Aleutian Islands.

7月5日 最後のフォーマル・デイ 素晴らしいクルーズを締めくくるにふさわしい華やかなテーブルを囲む
July 5 The last formal evening spent with the good friends whom we shared wonderful cruise days with served and waited by the kind ship staff

この間、海の波頭に太陽が映る波のダイアモンド(Diamond Wave)、シャチの集団ハンティング、パフィンの群れ、ウミガラスの大群、ラッコ、ザトウクジラたち・・・に日々興奮しながら航海
In the last one week of cruising, I saw "diamond wave", one of the rare phenomena of the sea, the group huntings of killer whales, many flocks of charming puffins which I named butterflies of the northern sea, large flocks of common murres, sea otters, and humpback whales every day.

シャチのハンティング Killer whales' hunting in group

間もなく横浜 Home soon


かくして7月7日無事横浜入港。総航海距離 56,617km (30,571 miles) 20ヶ国25都市を巡ってこのクルーズは終わりました。素晴らしい日々を支えてくださった良き友人たち、船長はじめ船のスタッフの方々、訪問先で優しく手を差し伸べてくださったあのかたこのかたすべてに・・・感謝の気持をこめてこのクルーズ記を終えようと思います。たくさんのかたにアクセスいただいたことも何よりの励みになりブログでもどうやら入港を果たすことができました。有難うございました。

July 7 found me at Yokohama after covering the cruising distance of 56,617 kilometers, 30,571 miles. and visiting 17 countries and 26 places. I thank each and every person concerned in supporting my cruise days and thank so many blog friends for visiting here very often. I could not have finished my cruise on the blog if it had not been for your visits. Thank you!
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アラスカ スワード 出港 The Last Departure of the Cruise, Seward, Alaska

Thu. June 28

19:00  このクルーズ最後の出港を指揮する増山船長 Our Captain Masuyama directing the last departure of the Around-the-World Cruise.





19:00 出港 プールサイド・デッキでは最後の「ボンボヤージ・セールアウェイ」が音楽とダンスで盛り上がる。スワードと美しいアラスカの山々が遠のく中、クルーズ中にお知り合いになった方や、友人や、船のスタッフの方たちと名残惜しむ。


19:00 The last departure party on the pool side deck grew lively with music and dancing in a circle around the pool, while Seward and the beautiful Alaskan mountains were getting gradually far.

The next time when we step on the ground is at Yokohama a week later.
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アラスカ レザレクション湾‐2 ザトウクジラ A Humpback Whale of Resurrection Bay, Alaska‐2

6月28日(木) レザレクション湾のザトウクジラ

Thu. June 28 Humpback whale of Ressurection Bay 



f0268294_23152137.jpg f0268294_23183029.jpg

f0268294_2320195.jpg f0268294_2321095.jpg

f0268294_23221683.jpg f0268294_23231319.jpg

このザトウクジラ、私たちのボートにどんどん近づいてきて何度もその姿を惜しげもなく見せてくれる. おまけにブリーチングまで!! ザトウクジラの平均寿命は50年、体長は15~20m、体重は25~30トン。いつ呼吸に浮上するのか見当がつかず、撮影はことのほかタイミングが難しい。

This humpback whale came closer and closer to our boat and repeatedly showed not only itself to us but also breaching. It was a dreamlike hour.
Average life span of a humpback whale is 50 years. It is 15-20 meters long and weighs 25-30 tons. The most difficult part of whale photo-taking was guessing when it would come up for breathing.
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アラスカ スワード レザレクション湾‐1 Resurrection Bay, Seward, Alaska‐1

6月28日(木) レザレクション湾の野生生物と会う
Thu. June 28 Wild life of Ressurection Bay


Seward faces Resurrection Bay that remains ice-free even in winter. The opening of the film "The Hunt for Red October" starring Sir Thomas Sean Connery was filmed in Resurrection Bay.In the afternoon, we took the Bay cruise, and experienced a series of encounters with wildlife.


Bear Glacier viewed from Ressurection Bay I happened to see a big fall of the glacier.

トドのハーレム A halem of sea lions

ミツユビカモメたち Kittiwakes

飛ぶときは小刻みに翼を動かすかわいいパフィンたち Cute puffins



こんな愛嬌者たちも・・・ Clowns of the sea

ハクトウワシとその巣 Bald eagles and its nest


人も野生の一部?Are men a part of wildlife?!

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アラスカ スワード エグジット氷河 Exit Glacier, Seward, Alaska

Thu. June 28


"Exit Glacier is a glacier derived from the Harding Icefield in the Kenai Mountains of Alaska.It received its name because it served as the exit for the first recorded crossing of the Harding Icefield in 1968." (Wikipedia)

エグジット氷河 Exit Glacier




氷河が後退した後に残された岩地 The rocks once covered with glacier


1951年にはここまであったエグジット氷河 The Glacier was here in 1951.

1926年にはここまであったエグジット氷河 The Glacer was here in 1926.

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アラスカ スワード キーナイ国立公園トレッキング Trekking in the Kenai National Park, Seward, Alaska

Thu. June 28


Seward is a small town with a population of 3000, and located 3-hour drive away from Anchorage. The average high for June here is 14℃ and low 8℃, the best for trecking. So we decided to go trekking through the natural forest of Kenai Fjords National Park to Exit Glacier. It is a 20-km drive from the port of Seward, and the trail is about 5 km.

入山口のビジター・センター/ Visitor Center


センターの入り口のヘラジカの角/A large pair of antlers of an elk in front of the Center



おしゃれな熊さんのお爪の手入れ跡/A fresh trace of a bear's manicuring

「アラスカの熊の一種で~す!」と現れたレンジャーのお兄さん/"Another species of bear am I." said the ranger when he appeared out of the foliage.

公園内の可憐な植生/Vegitation in the Park





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