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厳島神社 大鳥居 Itsukushima Shrine‐2 Giant Torii Gate



潮が満ちてくると・・・When the tide comes back・・・



When we arrived at the Island, the tide was on the ebb. The main pillar, one straight camphor tree, was of overwhelming power and beauty. While taking photos, the tide started coming back.

‘The shrine complex is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the Japanese government has designated several buildings and possessions as National Treasures.The gate, built of decay-resistant camphor wood, is about 16 metres high.’ (Wikipedia)
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厳島神社 Itsukushima Shrine‐1






Only a 10-minute ferry ride from Miyajimaguchi takes us to the sacred island, Miyajima. The symbolic red shrine gate, torii, appears to be floating only at high tide. When the tide is low, it is approachable by foot from the island.
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庭の蝶 Butterfly of My Garden





While watching my peaceful garden, I noticed butterflies with patterns I had never seen around absorbed in sucking honey from my marigold. I have found out it to be Indian Fritillary, "Leopard-patterned Butterfly" in Japanese. The species is commonly seen in the tropics and some parts of the Temperate Area. The report says it has spread the living territory northward year by year, and was seen even at the north of Tokyo in 2002 for the first time.

I enjoy the beauty in my garden all right, but pray this sneaky change is not the handwriting on the wall.
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チェスはお好き? Are You Fond of Playing Chess?

居間のチェスセットだけで・・・ The chess sets found in the living room only・・・

(left) アフリカ ザンビア/Zambia, Africa / (right) メキシコ チチェンイツア/Chichén Itzá, Mexico f0268294_23512551.jpg f0268294_23545626.jpg

(left) タイ バンコク Bangkok, Thailand / (right) ぺルー Peru f0268294_2358592.jpg f0268294_00244.jpg

(left) アラスカ ジュノー Juneau, Alaska / (right)イタリア Italy f0268294_045012.jpg



When asked whether I like chess game, I find me answering after a little pause that I am fond of chess sets rather.

While traveling around the world, I come upon with nice and charming chess sets of local characteristics. I can let one go if I am travelling by air, but a cruise makes it possible for me to buy and bring back things of any size and any weight. So the result after a cruise is to see chess sets placed all over the house.
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