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5年目のオマージュ ア バルバラ Hommage a’ Barbara, Fifth-year Bloom



🔗 オマージュ ア バルバラ Hommage a' Barbara


🔗 ピエール ドゥ ロンサール / Pierre de Ronsard


🔗   サマー・スノー / Summer Snow


The first bloom was 🔗in 2010. Now it is the fifth bloom of my Hommage a’ Barbara. The number of flowers this year is 97. ( Yes, I counted several times, lol) My family laugh at me standing near the roses all the time. I know I spend too much time beside them out in the garden. I will do what I have to do after the flowers’ gone maybe…

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美しくも儚きひととき Evanescent Beauty

今日の我が家の桜 染井吉野

Today’s cherry blossoms of my garden “Someiyoshino”


4月1日の我が家の大島桜 花とともに若葉も出てくるのが特徴 多くの栽培品種の元となっている桜 染井吉野よりわずか早い開花

“Ohshimazakura”cherry blossoms of my garden on April 1, the original species of cultivation of other cherry trees, young leaves of which come together with blossoms and blooms a little earlier than Someiyoshino.

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岡山後楽園&倉敷桜花だより Today’s Cherry Blossoming State of Okayama & Kurashiki




以上岡山後楽園 Korakuen Garden, Okayama City

倉敷大原美術館前の桜10:30 The cherry tree across the Ohara Museum of Art in Kurashiki at 10:30

快晴の正午ごろの同じ木の桜花 The blossoms of the same tree at noon under warm sunshine


Japanese real spring starts from “Cherry blossoming forecast and state”. The front line usually comes up from the southern areas around mid-March. This is my today’s report of the state of blossoming from Okayama City and Kurashiki City where I was visiting.

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庭の蝶 Butterfly of My Garden





While watching my peaceful garden, I noticed butterflies with patterns I had never seen around absorbed in sucking honey from my marigold. I have found out it to be Indian Fritillary, "Leopard-patterned Butterfly" in Japanese. The species is commonly seen in the tropics and some parts of the Temperate Area. The report says it has spread the living territory northward year by year, and was seen even at the north of Tokyo in 2002 for the first time.

I enjoy the beauty in my garden all right, but pray this sneaky change is not the handwriting on the wall.
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庭の贈り物 My Garden Index-I (2008-2013) 




庭の蝶 Butterfly of My Garden

白い彼岸花 White Spider Lily


夏の雪/Summer Snow

薔薇の詩人/Poet of Roses

2011年春の庭の記録/memorandum of 2011 spring garden-3

2011年春の庭の記録/memorandum of 2011 spring garden-2

2011年春の庭の記録/memorandum of 2011 spring garden-1


庭の訪問者/A visitor in my garden

7月の庭小景 Photo Sketches of My July Garden

紫陽花の季節 The Season Of Hydrangea

小さな住人たち Tiny Residents of My Garden

庭の長いお客様! An Unexpected Long Guest In My Garden!

庭の住人 カエル An unexpected resident in my garden, a frog

薔薇 オマージュ ア バルバラ Hommage a' Barbara

春の庭にようこそ! Welcome to my garden!

花 Blossoms & Flowers

雪華の朝 Morning of Snow Blossoms


自然の営み The Wonders Of Nature

秋の庭 Autumn Gift From My Garden '09

金木犀酒オンザロック Fragrant Olive On The Rocks

風雨の後 My garden after wind and rain 


桜 cherry blossoms

ゼラニュウム geranium

ギボウシ hosta

十字形の花 ドクダミ dokudami

2008年の紫陽花蕾 hydrangea

2008年の紫陽花たち hydrangea

贅沢 extravaganza

ホタルブクロ bellflower or campanula

夏椿 summer camellia (japanese stewartia)

石蕗 japanese silverleaf

薔薇たち roses

薔薇 rose

山百合と薔薇 Lilies & Roses

ギボウシの花 hosta in bloom

山百合 golden-banded lily

山百合花後 The rest of the story of golden-banded lilies

藪蘭 liriope

彼岸花 cluster amaryllis

石蕗の花 flowers of japanese silverleaf

初霜まで up until the first frost

今朝の庭 my garden this morning

落葉 fallen leaves

小さな野菜畑 vegetable garden

最後の落葉 The beech tree's shedding

冬の落日/Today's sunset of 15-12-08
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